Высокоинтенсивные интервальные тренировки (HIIT) от MATRIX. Здоровье и  эмоции.

7 partners who will make you love winter

When it’s cold, dark and rainy outside, it takes more than just motivation to leave the house – a superhero’s willpower is required. What doesn’t help, however: just stay lying on the sofa. To counteract this, we have put together the most beautiful, impressive and magical partners for whom it is worth crawling out of bed and getting fit. For these wellness oases and fitness temples you will just run out of the house and wish that winter never goes by.

Функциональные тренировки от клуба OFP profi в Москве

Here is a top idea for cold weather: Get into a huge, purple cocoon that is the same temperature as your own body. If that sounds like the perfect antidote to the winter blues to you, take the next class on hotpod yoga. Every class, no matter where, takes place in an inflatable, temperature-controlled “hot pod”. The room is heated to a cozy 37.5 ° C. This allows your muscles to relax, which benefits your flexibility and stretch. It’s like a warm hug from the cookie monster – and a great and effective workout too.

Функциональный тренинг что же это? - Фитнес-клуб "Мой Фитнес" м. Речной вокзал

Perhaps one of the most impressive and unusual activities on offer at USC is our extraordinary float point therapy in the beautiful old town of Potsdam. In recent years, this wellness treatment has become increasingly popular due to its uniqueness. Here you float in a warm salt water bath without light or noise, so that you can completely detach yourself from your body and relax.

Float-Point is one of the first salt water wellness baths in Germany and is exactly the right place if you are looking for a different kind of experience. Each session lasts an hour and gives your mind time to detach from your body and let go of the stress. Saltwater swim therapy improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and relieves all types of pain. The Float-point team sums it up well: “As soon as you get used to floating in the water, your one-hour swimming experience begins. Let your soul dangle. It is completely dark and calm in the tank. This may seem unusual at first, after all, we are bombarded with sensory stimuli every day, but the constant distraction often causes us to forget ourselves. ”

ВИИТ (HIIT): польза и вред, эффективность, упражнения

I also write the Urban Sport of the Week series, which means that I have the most incredible spa and wellness partners in Germany with Urban Sports Club have already tried it. So you can believe me when I say that the Claudius Therme is by far the most breathtaking, most beautiful, relaxing and cozy of them all. The bath and spa in the center of Cologne stands for the ultimate winter experience. Indoor pools, whirlpools, foot baths, saunas, steam baths, lavender salt baths, relaxation rooms, wood fires – a winter dream. And from the outdoor pool you have a view of the beautiful Cologne Cathedral. You just can’t get past it and you can also read all about it in this blog post.

Как проводить тренировки в небольших группах — Предложение Precor - Precor

As soon as you enter the Hicycle Hamburg studio, you will forget how cold it is outside. Because there the loudest, sweaty and hardest training on this side of the Elbe is waiting for you. Hicycle is half a nightclub and half a gym. Loud music by Drake, Rihanna and Travis Scott booms out of the loudspeakers while a certified spinning instructor with a microphone guides you through strenuous spinning courses. Fortunately, the loud music makes it easy to forget that your legs feel like they’re about to fall off. And the good thing is that the courses only last 45 minutes, so you’ll be back in your cozy apartment quickly.

CrunchFit is, so to speak, the Kanye West of fitness studios – brave, creative and refuses to play by the rules. The teams at the seven locations throughout Germany do not accept “no” as an answer and push you to your limits. Their strength, endurance, functional vibration and spinning courses are designed to awaken the tiger in you. We love their studios, especially during the winter, because they are futuristic and bright. Here you get out of the winter blues and get your body beach-ready early enough. Although the coaches look like they’re made of steel, they know exactly how to get the most out of everyone. They will kick your tired, cold and wintry bum and get you going – and you will always want to go back!

Did you know that USC has a ton of incredible winter sports partners? We’ve partnered with some of our favorite mountains (that’s right) to bring your USC experience to the great outdoors. For example, you can check in with your USC membership to use the Brauneck mountain railway. Take advantage of the precious sunlight on a hike through the snow. And if there’s enough snow, you can even check in there for skiing with your USC membership. Imagine how cozy it is when you are back in the cozy warmth after a fresh mountain hike.

What we really need in the winter months is a community. A group of people who motivate us to go to sport in any weather. And this is exactly where TRIBE comes into play. These guys have turned the community into an art form – with their high-energy strength classes and high-performance circuit training, you will be challenged in many ways, along with a community of like-minded people. Because as much as we need motivation for training in winter, we also need motivation to make social contacts. The TRIBE motto is “Train together”. And their fitness dream team ensures that you go to your limits. It’s best to start in December because we all know how this month will end.

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