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When laughter goes bad | Taboo subject bladder weakness in women and how to deal with it confidently!

Everything you always wanted to know about laughing incontinence, stress incontinence, stress incontinence, the urge to urinate and coughing fits, but never dared to ask …

Slight bladder weakness and incontinence in women – still a taboo subject

Have you ever literally peeed your pants with laughter? Me, yes! After my bladder was injured during my caesarean section, it temporarily reacts like a sensitive mimosa – and every now and then something goes into your panties. Yes, you are laughing now. I also like to laugh, but in such a situation I would rather sink discreetly into the ground.

Coughing fits work just as well with mild bladder weakness as laughing fits, as well as cold. It crawls from your feet up to your bladder, and then you can gain a little more time by wiggling back and forth or stepping from one foot to the other, but at some point it will be too late. Or have you ever lifted a particularly heavy weight in the gym? You might be able to hold the weight, but sometimes it doesn’t work that well.

As you can see, today I’m talking about a taboo subject that women don’t like to talk about. In the meantime we’re talking about menopause after all, but you’d rather not have the topic of slight bladder weakness and incontinence in women as a topic of conversation. Maybe with your best friend, in a quiet little room, behind closed hands, but otherwise? Just don’t! Better to be shamefully silent and somehow cope with it. Even children are embarrassed when a little pee goes in their pants, but with adult women this is a socially taboo subject. Every third woman has more than 35 experiences with bladder weakness.

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And finally there is a product that takes the pressure off us with regard to slight bladder weakness and spontaneous incontinence and also looks good in black underwear: TENA Silhouette panty liners and liners in black. TENA products are specifically designed to absorb urine in seconds and to enclose it securely in the absorbent core without odor.

NEW: TENA Silhouette panty liners and liners in black

In summer I like to wear the classic colors black and white, as well as transparent fabrics and light summer dresses. But what is a no-go for me: I don’t wear a black bra under a white blouse or vice versa. I lived out this fashionable phase in the 80s, today I prefer it more inconspicuous. That’s why I find black panty liners just as useful for black underwear, such as the TENA Silhouette panty liners and liners . What is fine with the bra, the panty liner is cheap. Especially with black panties, I always find it a bit embarrassing when the white panty liner shines through the fabric of the black panty. Who likes to get changed in the gym and then has a panty liner speed camera under their black underwear? I don’t!

The new TENA Silhouette Noir panty liners and liners for incontinence are completely black and therefore completely invisible in black underwear. Plus, they’re so thin that they really don’t stand out. Please see for yourself:

Nevertheless, they offer triple protection against minor urine leakage, odors and moisture and safely lock droplets and minor urine leakages inside the pad. TENA Silhouette Noir panty liners and liners are fragrance-free and dermatologically tested and therefore also suitable for sensitive skin.

My experiences with the TENA Silhouette noir panty liners and liners in black

These panty liners are really so thin and deep black that they don’t stand out in black underwear. They are comfortable to wear, hold securely, do not slip and can still be removed from the panties without leaving any residue. The skin feel and smell are very pleasant and unobtrusive. They are more absorbent than normal panty liners and you are safely protected against slight bladder weakness and minor mishaps. This is especially important to me in summer! Finally I can laugh, cough, lift weights and confidently undress without a white panty liner flashing out of the black panty! I can really recommend the TENA Silhouette panty liners and liners in black!

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The TENA Silhouette noir panty liners and liners are available in two versions:

TENA Silhouette Noir panty liners normal

  • Invisible in black underwear
  • Triple protection against leaks, moisture and odors
  • Completely black
  • Renewable packaging
  • Length: 17.5 cm
  • Absorbency

TENA Silhouette Mini Noir

  • Invisible in black underwear
  • Triple protection against leaks, moisture and odors
  • Completely black
  • Renewable packaging
  • Length: 21.9 cm
  • Absorbency

You can do this yourself if you have slight bladder weakness

  • Targeted pelvic floor exercises are good prevention and often help with mild bladder weakness. The implementation is inconspicuous and easy to carry out anytime and anywhere: Sit on a chair and alternately contract, hold and then loosen the lower pelvic floor muscles. At least 10 times, alternately shifting your weight on the chair forwards and backwards. Of course, the exercise also works while standing. Here you will find pelvic floor exercises for strong muscles and Yoga-Pilates exercises for a strong pelvic floor.
  • Apropos weight: Being overweight makes the bladder weak. Every pound too much strains the muscles and makes you sluggish.
  • During menopause, there is a reduction in estrogen in the genital area and in the lower urinary tract. The vaginal and urinary tract tissues become drier, thinner, and less elastic. The pelvic floor muscles are weakened when they are not stimulated by estrogen. In general, a combination of age, number of pregnancies, body weight, and hormonal changes during menopause increase the risk of incontinence.
  • The same applies to mild bladder weakness: Talk to your doctor, he will examine you and develop the best therapy together with you. And until then, the TENA Silhouette panty liners will accompany you safely through everyday life.

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